Old Miners' Days . 1st weekend in Oct
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KettleKorn.jpgOld Miners' Daysis a celebration of Viburnum area's rich history in leading the world in lead mining. The thirtieth annual festival features a Children's parade,  Grande Parade, Miss Viburnum contest, Tiny Tot Contest, games, vendor booths, food, auto show, Viburnum's Got Talent competition, and mine tours.

The Old Miners Day event was organized 30 years ago to celebrate the heritage of the mining industry in Viburnum and surrounding communities. In 2014 over 5,000 people attended the three day event with nearly 470 people taking the Free Underground Mine Tour.

Check out Schedule to review all the activities; Contacts to find out how you can help out or get your own booth; Links to find our supporters; and Photos to see the fun from past years.

Next Committee Meeting:
January 20, 2016

Location: Quad County Fire Department training building. 
This meeting is open to the public  

We welcome anyone that would like to join us.
We have several activities in need of volunteers to help out. Contact any committee member for more information.  Contact info is under our "Contacts" link above.



The Miss Viburnum Pageant is a wonderful opportunity for young women to help the community and earn a scholarship for their continued education. This year we have had a lot of interest in taking over the leadership of the competition. With this being the case, the committee has decided to have each interested person put together a plan and resume for the competition. These will need to be turned in to Jeff Pyatt @ FCNB Viburnum in a sealed envelope by January 1, 2016. Below is a list of questions to help get started with the application process.

                             1.  There is always a lot of discussion about the length of the program.
                                   What is your vision for how the evening of the pageant will proceed?

                             2.  What would you like to see the girls be judged on and what percentage of the scoring will be                                        in each of the scoring areas?

                             3.  Do you think there should be one person in a leadership role with three others working with                                       the different age groups of girls?
                                   Explain why or why not

                             4.  Why do you think you are the best person for this position?

                             5.  You have a parent who thinks their child is being singled out.  How will you handle this or a                                        similar situation?

                             6.  Miss Viburnum is self-supporting of the scholarship.  What is your vision for raising the                                                funds for the scholarship?



We appreciate you wanting to be involved with the pageant and Old Miners’ Days. Please remember that this is a fun event for the girls, they are what this is all about. No one should feel that they are a loser or that they are any less than anyone else. Don’t forget to turn in your plan AND resume by January 1, 2016 in a sealed envelope to Jeff Pyatt @ FCNB Viburnum. We look forward to hearing from each person that is interested.
Thank you,
The Old Miners’ Days Committee
****A copy of this questionnaire may be picked up at FCNB Viburnum or printed from our website homepage @ www.oldminersdays.com

For a printable PDF version of this questionnaire click here.






(By the water tower)
Bring your own Wheels

Back in 2015 but
Bigger and Better!!!

Bring your own Wheels
3 Classes:
2-5 years old
6-9 years old
Modified – ALL AGES
Contact Marty Maize 573-366-6350

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